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"House is where we live, Home is what we make out of it". A Home will be incomplete without the following gadgets. These are shared gadgets, just like a Home.
We share our learnings whenever you share your concern.

TV :

It brings every family member together & celebrates unity.

To know more click here TV

Refrigerator :

It keeps our food cool & hygienic.It celebrates cherishment through nourishment.

To know more click here Refrigerator

AC :

It keeps us cool. So that we can chill.

To know more click here AC

Washing Machine :

It cleans our laundry.It celebrates Swachhata(Cleanliness).

To know more click here Washing Machine

Microwave :

It helps us to cook food. It celebrates Taste.

To know more click here Microwave Oven

Water Purifiers/RO :

It refreshes your drinking water. It celebrates Refreshness.

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Chimney :

It removes smokes,fumes from kitchen.It celebrates Breathing.

To know more click here Chimney

Inverter :

It works as a power back-up.It makes us 'Power'full.

To know more click here Inverter


It keeps our gadgets running without any interruption,in case of power failure. It celebrates Flow.

To know more click here UPS

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