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Introduction to GadgetSarthi

 We all use gadgets at home & at work. It have become our 7th Sense.So whenever trouble arises in operations of these gadgets we lose our 7th Sense. In that very moment we feel that someone share our trouble and guide us, navigate us through in order to reinstill our 7th Sense.

Gadget Sarathi family through their learnings in mentioned domains share these learnings whenever you ask for it.

Our current offerings are supply,installation,maintenance & repair of gadgets such as Computer(Laptop,Desktop), Printer(Scanner,Plotter), Server & Networking(LAN,WLAN), Home Appliances(AC,Refrigerator,Washing Machine,TV,Microwave,Inverter,UPS,Water Purifier/RO),Home Security(CCTV),of all brands.

Software & System solutions in Windows,LINUX,UNIX,Ubuntu. It includes system installation,upgradation,formatting,recovery & security(including antivirus protection).

Our motto,Customer feel 'e'mpowered with their 7th Sense.

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We offer services such as supply,install,maintain & repair of computer, laptop, desktop, printer, server & networking,Home Appliances,Home Security. We also recondition used gadgets as rE-NEW gadgets.

All you have to do is ask for our services.

What You need to do is simple. Just join us